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PLDT Landline Plus

A fixed-wireless telephone line, that serves as an alternative basic voice communication for business customers in areas with limited or no available PLDT fixed facilities.


A PABX system is important in just about any kind of business. But due to its high cost, most businesses forgo this and. PLDT VOX offers you the ease and convenience of a PABX system without the steep price and complexity. Be within reach easily and respond timely with PLDT VOX in our business.

PLDT Domestic Toll Free

International and Universal TolI-Free Service is a premium corporate voice service which allows a toll free service subscriber in the Philippines to receive long distance calls from customers and callers from another country without having to charge the calling party, in more particular terms. Its an application of reverse charging of toll known as 'collect call service'.

PLDT International Toll Free

International and Universal TolI-Free Service is a premium corporate voice service which allows a toll free service subscriber in the Philippines to receive long distance calls from customers and callers from another country without having to charge the calling party, in more particular terms. Its an application of reverse charging of toll known as 'collect call service'.

PLDT Bosscentral

BOSSCENTRAL is a call management service that brings together voice and data communications in a single network. It delivers business quality PABX-like functionality designed to boost workforce productivity, facilitate administration, and increases efficiency. Package options are available in Manager and Executive editions.


PLDT OnCall service is a Hosted Contact Center solution that provides a Managed Contact Center Platform, Managed Telecom Facilities, Agents' Training and Other Peripherals. It is a converged voice and data solution that has feature-rich functionalities, a high-availability and high-capacity platform, and a dedicated, secured and fully-redundant infrastructure.




MyDSL Biz is PLDT’s high-speed Internet DSL (digital subscriber line) service. It provides your business with quality broadband access at speeds of up to 50 times faster than dial-up. This enables SMEs to efficiently send and download heavy emails, browse and conduct research on the Internet and host their own websites while running similar business-critical applications over the web.

Choose the best PLDT MyDSL Biz plan for you business

Maximum Bandwidth
Monthly Standard Rate (via NGN Phone Line)
Remarks (suitable number of simultaneous users)
Small Biz Micro
Up to 3 Mpbs
2 to 4
Small Biz Lite
Up to 3.5 Mpbs
2 to 4
Small Biz Jr
Up to 4.5 Mpbs
3 to 8
Small Biz Sr
Up to 5.0 Mpbs
4 to 10
Power Packed A
Up to 5.0 Mpbs
5 to 15
Power Packed B
Up to 5.0 Mpbs
6 to 18
Power Packed C
Up to 5.0 Mpbs
5 to20


Running a business means having to be at different places other than your office. Most of the time, you never get to your office at all, and you miss all those important emails, reports and papers. Make any place your workplace with PLDT WeRoam. Never miss a beat at your business and be on top of your game with PLDT WeRoam.

SMART Bro Enterprise

Now, even businesses in the most remote locations can access the internet through a breakthrough innovation called SMART BRO Enterprise Edition. With SMAR BRO Enterprise Edition, you can connect to the internet through SMART and PLDT’s nationwidest network.


Sometimes SMEs need to access the World Wide Web in a greater scale in order to service their clients and customers better. With the internet gaining ubiquity literally every second, it’s important for businesses to team up wit a reliable service provider with proven knowledge on this field. PLDT answers this need with I-Gate, the country’s gateway to the Internet.


For RETAIL Businesses

PLDT Negosyo Boost

PLDT Negosyo Boost brings together DSL connectivity, voice services and hardware such as netbooks and printers to aid in your business growth! Choose from these amazing bundles, made especially for your growing business needs.

PLDT Watcher

Watcher is a video monitoring solution that enables SMEs to check & oversee their business operation anywhere you are via the internet, whether it be broadband access or through 3G mobile phones. Watcher addresses a major concern for most businesses – SHRINKAGE. Be it shoplifting, employee or supplier theft or even through processes, shrinkage is costing retailers worldwide billions of dollars.

PLDT Shops.Work

Running a retail chain or supervising remote offices or branches can be a burden to business managers and owners. Luckily, technology changes in leaps and bounds, and surely, there is a technology that can help SMEs to successfully manage their business in real time. This technology is Shops.Work – a PLDT SME solution that helps you to coordinate your business to get results quickly and hassle-free.

PLDT Shops.Work Unplugged (SWUP)

Shops.work Unplugged or SWUP reaches even to remote retail branches or stores, making online wireless-connected POS terminal (cash dispensers or bank ATMs or cashier) a reality. Businesses can now transact in CASH ANYWHERE, via private network. Retail businesses, equipped with online wireless will be extremely powerful when combined with SWUP wireless POS terminal for both debit and credit cards. A business armed with this additional tool can complete any kind of transaction - CASH or CREDIT - from anywhere. The ability for a merchant to quickly set-up to accept card payment at any location is critical to realize sales from impulse shoppers or consumers wanting easy payment convenience.


PLDT Sweetspots is an end-to-end managed digital signage network solution for entertaining, informing, and advertising in your channels. Unlike traditional static signs, content can be changed more dynamically, animations can be displayed, and most importantly, messages can adapt to the context and to your target audience more interactively. This solution reduces your time-to-market for new marketing campaigns and lowers your long-term operational costs through an affordable means of updating your customer touch point marketing communications on-demand.



IP VPN is short for Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network. An IPVPN gives users a secure way to access corporate network resources across private IP networks using MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) or over the Internet using IPSec (IP Security), with the same policies and security enjoyed in a private network.


FASTrack SE is a GPS satellite-based locator service, applicable for Vehicle and Fleet Management within the Philippines. FASTrack SE boasts of its simple operations and self-contained structure - all necessary components are inherent in the GPS device itself, to enable direct location monitoring of tracked subjects or vehicles, no complex set-up required.

PLDT SNAP! (Simplified Networks on Autopilot)

PLDT SNAP! stands for Simplified Networks on Auto-Pilot. As the brand name implies, it is PLDT's offering of managed network and IT solutions bundled with IT support, for existing and potential customers of PLOT connectivity services.

For FOOD & LEISURE Businesses


Businesses can now enjoy the benefits of having an added amenity to their establishment, a Wi-Fi access service to high-speed Internet, through this new service bundle.


PLDT PORT is a high-speed internet access solution designed exclusively for hotels, resorts and their guests. This solution provides the guest a way to access high-speed broadband internet with ease and flexibility in rooms and common areas. Hotels and resorts gain the reliability of a wired setup and the flexibility of wireless access. PLDT PORT provides coverage throughout guestrooms, public areas, conference, meeting rooms, restaurants, business center, executive lounges and even recreational areas such as poolside to ensure seamless connection for the guest.



Better Network With The Widest Coverage. More Handset Choices. Special Calling Circle Rate of P4.00/minute.

SMART Blackberry

Your business requires you to travel light and bringing both your laptop and mobile phone isn’t an option. With the BlackBerry service, you can achieve the utmost in mobility and productivity to let you take care of business especially when you are on the go.