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Broadband Internet access is typically called “high-speed” Internet access. It allows for much higher rates of data transfer than a regular dial-up connection, typically at speeds of 256 kbps (or four times the speed of dial-up). There are many forms of broadband Internet worldwide, but the most popular is DSL.

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It’s a technology that allows users to have faster Internet connections, while still using regular phone lines. Aside from its easy installation, DSL also allows subscribers to use their phone for both voice calls and Internet surfing at the same time, which is superior to dial-up. Visit us at www.pldtdsl.com or www.myworldmydsl.com for more download goodies such as wallpapers, ringtones and more!

Package Type
Monthly Service Fee (Pesos)
Plan 990
up to 384 Kbps
Plan 1299
up to 512 Kbps
up to 1.0 Mbps
up to 2.0 Mbps
up to 3.0 Mbps





  • Has the largest and widest area coverage in the Philippines
  • Allows UNLIMITED local calling
  • Has access to domestic and international long distance calls
  • Has instant Internet connectivity (through pay-per-surf service)
  • Subscriber Investment Plan subscription is optional.

Apply through:

  • PLDT Business Offices in selected areas in Metro Manila
  • PLDT 171
  • House-to-House selling activities
  • PLDT Quick Install Patrols/Phonetastic Festivals

Application Requirements:

  • Accomplished Customer Information Sheet (CIS)
  • Accomplished Signature cards for Subscriber Investment Plan (SIP)
  • Valid identification cards (I.e. Company ID, Driver’s License, SSS/TIN Card, etc.)


What is PLDT Landline Plus?

The PLDT LANDLINE PLUS is a wireless and portable landline service which allows PLDT subscribers to bring their phones ANYWHERE within there the local area they applied in. With this service, PLDT subscribers can apply for a telephone line without the hassle – no installation and set-up required.

Service Features and Benefits

Portable home phone without the cables. Bring it along and make a call anywhere in the house and nearby areas.

Enjoy PLDT Landline Plus Texting to any mobile network or to another PLDT Landline Plus Line.

Enjoy conversations the whole family can hear!

More calls to more people, to more destinations, and vice versa.

Easy phone number storage. No need to memorize numbers, everything is at the tip of your finger!

How it works


What is PLDT Landline Plus?

PLDT Landline Plus is a fixed-wireless telephone line that serves as an alternative basic voice communication for customers in areas with limited or no available PLDT fixed facilities.

Who can avail of this service?

Open to residential and business applicants with telephone requirements.

What can I do with the PLDT Landline Plus?

You can enjoy the same call types as a Regular Fixed Landline service – incoming and out-going calls, NDD/IDD, plus SMS!

Can I use the SIM in another device, like my mobile phone?

Yes. Subscribers have 2 options:
- Avail of a locked-SIM that is locked to the Landline Plus Handset; or
- Avail of the open SIM which can be used with any open handset or any mobile phone.

Can I use non-PLDT SIM on the telephone unit?

No. The PLDT Landline Plus Handset will work only with the PLDT SIM.

Can I use the phone anywhere there is a PLDT signal?

The service is locked within the local area where you have applied. The service will only function in a pre-defined coverage area e.g. Metro Manila SIM will only work within Metro Manila.

What happens if I bring the unit outside the service area?

Although the unit will be able to pick-up a signal, the service will not be available and the user will not be able to make and receive calls. The service will be available as soon as the unit is brought back to the service area where it was activated.

What number format will the service have?

The service comes with the usual 7-digit Landline number format.

How much will be the Monthly Fee for the service?

Monthly Service Fee is P600. Package includes 600 minutes FREE local calls and 120 FREE SMS.

What happens after I’ve used up my free calls and free SMS?

Additional charges will apply – P1 per succeeding minutes for local calls, P1 per additional SMS.

Are there any initial fees I have to settle?

Yes. Should the subscriber want to avail of the PLDT Landline Plus Handsets, The Corded unit is at Php.1,000 and the Cordless unit is at Php.1,100.Price is subject to change without prior notice.

Is there a minimum contract period for the service?

Lock-in period is 12 months (1 year).

How do I apply for the service?

You may visit any PLDT Connect Patrol Booth or call 101-328 to avail of the service.

Who do I contact if I encounter a problem with the service or the unit?

For after-sales concerns, you may contact the PLDT Landline Plus Hotline thru 101-328

Operator Assisted Calls


  • Station to Station: Charging begins when called number is answered.
  • Person to Person: Charging begins only once the called party answers.

Consumer Benefits:

  • Operator Assisted Calls : Enables the subscriber to reach a desired party anywhere in the world or in the Philippines with the assistance of a PLDT operator.
  • Access Number : Dial “108” for International OAS and “109” for National OAS, and give call details to the operator.

Direct Dialling Services

PLDT DDD Security Code allows you to lock or unlock your DDD thereby limiting instances of unauthorized long distance usage.
To use, simply lift the handset and:

To lock: press *54* and your 4-digit code then press #
To unlock: press #54* and your 4-digit code then press #
To change code: press *85* and your present 4-digit code then press * and your new desired 4-digit code then press #


Prepaid Cards - Budget Card

PLDT Budget Card is the prepaid call card which offers the most affordable rates when making overseas calls to top destinations abroad.

Call now from any PLDT landline, Landline Plus, and payphones nationwide.

Call Validity

PLDT Budget Card P100 is valid for 30 days and PLDT Budget Card P200 for 60 days from activation or “first use.”

Where to Buy

PLDT Budget Card is available in all PLDT Business Offices, major malls, and accredited PLDT Card dealers.

How to Use

  1. Scratch off the portion indicated in your PLDT Budget Card to reveal the 12-digit card number.
  2. Dial 10-10-11 from a PLDT landline, Landline Plus or payphone nationwide.
  3. Press 1 for English; Press 2 for Korean; Press 3 for Chinese (Mandarin).
  4. A voice prompt will advise you of the remaining peso value of your card.
  5. Dial the number of the person you want to call:
    "00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number"
  6. To make another call, press ###, then proceed to step 5.



Prepaid Cards - Touch Card

Product Features:

  • Card can be used to place Domestic and Overseas Long Distance as well as mobile phone calls
  • Accessible from PLDT landline, Payphone, Piltel and Smart GSM Mobile Phones.
  • Can be used from over 35 countries worldwide
  • Can be used to access premium phone services (PPS)

Touch Card denominations: P50, P100, P200, P300, and P500

Local Calls
Php 2.00/min
Inbound calls to the Phils.
$ 0.40/min.
Domestic Calls
Php 3.00/min
3rd Country Calls
$ 0.40/min.
Cell to cell calls
Php 8.00/min
Php 10/min.
International Call
$ 0.40/min
Embassy Hotline
Php P22/min.

**Landline to cell calls and vice versa: P6.50/minute

Access no.
Access no.
Australia (Optus)
Guam (IT&E)
Australia (Telstra)
Guam (MCI Worldcom)
Indonesia (Indosat)
Indonesia (satelindo)
Japan (CWIDC)
Japan (KDDI)

Other Information:

Card Validity

All card denominations are valid within three (3) months from first use. However, the P50 denomination is valid for one (1) upon activation.

Where to buy

Touch Card is available to all PLDT GMM and Regional Business Offices and all major PLDT dealers and distributors. (e.g. SM Supermalls, LBC Stations, 7-11, and others)

Placing a call

When using a PLDT cardphone, do not insert the card into the slot. Just dial 101-74, press the “TALK” button and follow the voice instructions.


Smart Buddy Super Sim 3

Allows you to store up to 650 phone numbers or 105 text messages complete with password protection. Plus, it provides you instant access to Buddy Balance. Buddy Perks, Buddy World and Mobile e-commerce. No service keywords or access numbers to memorize. You can even personalize your menus to fit your lifestyle. Browse through this User's Guide for quick and easy access to your Super SIM 3! Visit www.smart.com.ph for more details!


Talk 'N Text


  • 72K
  • Over 8 Million Subscribers
  • Open to all Talk 'N Text Offers
  • 90 Inbox Messages Capacity
  • 450 Phonebook entries
  • 25 FREE texts to all networks
  • Php 5.50/minute flat rate
    (Talk 'N Text to Talk 'N Text)
  • Ask-For-Load!
  • At marami pang iba!!

Visit Talk N text homepage